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A voltard is a person who volunteers for an organisation but is also half retarded.

Voltards can often be seen in public in their volunteer uniform looking for random public praise. The commonly wear the uniform to fast food outlets looking for a 55 cent discount, then take to social media when they don’t get it.

Voltards are volunteers who think there as good as professionals. They constantly interfere with the professionals of the same organisation as they could never pass the requirements to be a professional so they volunteer instead.

Voltards claim they are actively involved but in reality 48000 if the 52000 voltards actually just cut sandwiches.

Voltards can be identified with many stickers all over their car showing they are a volunteer. They don’t volunteer for the accolades but get upset if they aren’t getting accolades and will do anything for recognition.
“Did you see that voltard ten cars in from with save the CFA stickers all over his car..”

“See him, how could you fucking miss him!”
by MyMagoo May 07, 2018
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A fan of the University of Tennessee Volunteers athletics program. Voltards tend to not think before they speak and overestimate their beloved Vols every time they face an actual team regardless of sport.
Voltards lose again.

Luke, you’re such a Voltard.
by voltardsloseagain February 18, 2019
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