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1.The inability to Climax.
2.To not 'seal the deal'
3.Not finishing what you started
1.Guy1: Yo bro I gotta tell you something
Guy2:What is it dude
Guy1:Hear me out guy, I was with this hot chica man I brought her back to my room and then....
Guy2:Talk to me man
Guy1:I couldn't...nut!
Guy2:hahahah you were Valeroed lol
Guy1: STFU

2.Sports agent:So I con get you some small endorsements a view tv appearances and well see what the future has instore fot you
Superstar:ehh I think I can get a better deal elsewhere
(Superstar leaves)
Sportagent:God damnit I gotta seal the deal and quit volleroing

3.Student1: Hey when is that project due?
I started it but I just need to do the end
Student2:Its do tommorow!!!!!
Student1:ahh I guess ill just hand it in late
Student2:Chill quit Volleroing
by Raymond Felton January 04, 2007
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