rainyman right, they dont give or even show you the stuff on ther site, at www.volcom.com or www.volcoment.com

thatrs right if you people knew anything Volcom has a stage at the
Vans Warped Tour, they have always

you can only find this stuff at shows
like volcom entertainment shows, or
the Volcom booth's at the warp tour
or get sponsered by them, by skate,
snow,surf, or a band

volcom entertainment roster includes
ASG,Guttermouth,Pepper,a single grame,
A Faith Called Chaos,
Another Damm Dissapointment

Not Blink 182(even tho i like Blink 182)

there morre that ill type later
i went to the Take Action Tour

and saw some guy at the sugartcult

hawkthrone heigths booth

wearing a hard to find

Volcom shirt, that he found for free,

it goes hand with rainyman said that

shirt nearly impossible to find

that guy got scene points rigth away
by VoLcOm Anti-flag April 08, 2005
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Clothing worn by dumbshits who drive large trucks and think skating and listening to Blink 182 is the best part of life.
"Hey man wear your Volcom shirt to this party so everyone can notice how much of a dipshit you are! It'll be hella cool!"
by alfred fellig January 28, 2005
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