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1. An extremely smelly vagina.

2. Sex in very poor or dirty conditions.

3. An extremely disgusting sexual experience.
"Your mom is so disgusting. Your dad has to deal with so much vlogue!"
by di cho yan dum May 01, 2009
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Vlogue is a commonly used acronym for vagina dialogues. Vagina dialogues are when groups of girls (almost spontaneously) leave to go to the bathroom to talk about recent events, see how they look, and/or sext (see sexting) on their cell phones. The males left sitting at the table, on the dance floor, or in their beds have termed this vloguing (verb tense).
"Goddamnit, would you stop vloguing? My little friend needs some help here."

"They're vloguing again! That's three times tonight!"

"Fuckin' vloguing, and when I was just starting to get into the beat."

"She's only twelve years old; she can't be vloguing!

"Come on girls, I've got some juicy gossip to tell you. Let's go vlogue in the bathroom."

"I heard this hilarious story that I can't tell any male at this table. Meet you in the bathroom in five. We're gonna vlogue it up."

"I have to pee. Will somone vlogue with me while I'm in the stall?"
by Rargorcopter January 31, 2010
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