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A socially appropriate way of celebrating, greeting and or mourning an event. It's a common drinking cheers but can be used in an array of setting and situations. It's literal translation is "to be gifted". Depending on the tone and context, "vishbyk" can be an array of things. It's default meaning is, "We are gifted/blessed". If a flippant tone is used, one may derive the meaning of vishbyk to be similar to "hakuna matata", "that's how life goes" or "oh well". If a sad tone is presented vishbyk can be understood to mean "I wish you were blessed but you're clearly not".
Person 1- Hey did you get your grade back from Dr. Ryebread's class?

Person 2- Yeah, I failed it. I shouldn't have gone out the night before the exam.

Person 1- augh. I'm sorry. Vishbyk
Person 2- Vishbyk!
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A cheer used by close friends when sharing a drink, most common in Catholic circles. It can be used as a cheer or to greet a friend. It is believed to have originated from the words "fish's beak." This is from a story about St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis loved animals and used to preach to animals including fish. Once, he was preaching to a parrot fish (which is a type of fish with a beak). After the parrot fish heard the saints sermon he swam down the river to a near by peasant's hut. The fish preached the gospel to the peasant who had fallen away from the faith. The peasant had been struggling with alcoholism, but when he heard the fish he developed a new and healthy view on alcohol. When he was asked about his conversion and new views on alcohol he said that it was "from the fish's beak." After being translated from French, the phrase has been changed to "Vishbyk" For this reason vishbyk is also used to mean "blessed" or "saved"
It's Samantha's 21st birthday! Vishbyk!!
by StevieCrowderLover May 20, 2018
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