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A girl that is extremely hard to find due to her amazing a unique personality, a girl who you can trust, know will always love you, and never let you down. A girl who will listen when her lover is trying to help her through her tough times. Vionna is a girl who will wait for me, and is the best girl I have met, and no other girl can top her when it comes to anything.
by It's Obvious October 13, 2013
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Vionna is a really caring girl, let me be honest with you, Vionna, is a kind and caring girl, many say she's mean or b*tchy, but it depends on how you look at her. She is very helpful, but can be stubborn as hell, she is lazy, but hardworking. A vionna does not like to be mistreated or disrespected, she often tries to treat others with respect and love, but many take her for granted and look down on her. The vionna I know, is a strong, positive and cute person, her personality is better then what you think it is. Although she can be a b*tch sometimes, remember to never lie to her. She is usually understanding and best to look for advices. Damn she's so bloody positive! She's a good listening ear, but if one opposes her opinions and perspectives, vionna, will not like it, but she know that she should not say anything, for she would disrespect him.
Vionna is a lovable person, so bubbly!
by KrazyAngel February 16, 2019
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