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1. A person who feels the need to bully others because they themselves were bullied or hurt.

2. A person who uses pity or intimidation to get what they want (SJWs are a perfect example of this). They would use name calling, slander or lie to antagonize the other party. Victim-bullies twist a story around to get someone else in trouble or make them look bad in some way. Some of them would take serious issues (such as gender inequality in the Middle East/Asia) and make them seem minuscule in comparison to their own personal problems, making the story all about them.
Dude: I can't believe that fucking feminist Youtuber. She false flagged my video for "bullying," because I was talking about how SJWs need to stop making up this patriarchy bullshit. Then she had the nerve to leave a comment saying I'm a chauvinistic pig who needs to kill myself.

Dude's Friend: What the fuck, man? She sounds like a victim-bully.
by Some Unknown User April 11, 2016
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