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a technologically inclined being who acts like a gopher. can be seen poking people around while saying "mah!".
Vicboy is a nice guy. he is round. He has lots of friends. he enjoys walking around places with his camera. Anyone named Vicboy would usually own a golf cart known as the Vic-Mobile and would use it to travel around the world illegally. Vicboy has the greatest source of porn ever. His porn ranges from Hentai to lesbian milfs. if you need porn go to Vicboy.
Bobby: "dude i cant fix my computer! it has a virus!"
Pedro: "go ask Vicboy! he can reboot it for you!"
Bobby: "great idea man"
Pedro: "I wish i was a Vicboy"

Safran: "Im tired of watching this legally blonde shit!"
Carlo: "Go ask Vicboy for some new stuff!"
Safran: "Great idea!"
Carlo: "I wish i had his stash."
by slenderman2010 October 14, 2012
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