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Vertidyn: Noun: verti- derived from german word “vertilgen” meaning destroy, demolish, exterminate, eradicate: -dyn derived from Welsh, meaning man.

A person who believes in a pro-female superiority lifestyle in which they may confuse themselves and claim the belief of feminism in, often being radically violent toward men or any form of male power.
"She is a relatively active vertidyn in the tumblr community."
"The funny thing about vertidynism? They complain so much about being perceived as the victim, that they actually force themselves to be seen even moreso as a victim."
"He, albeit a cisgendered male, is a vertidynist."
"If it were up to Mrs. Clinton, we’d have a vertidynarchy!"
by 7h3Jack0f4llTr4d3s July 30, 2014
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