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The greatest bunch of hokey ever conceived as a supposedly acceptable/adequate alternative to monetary payment or actual physical labor to recompense someone for goods/services that he's provided. Even if it was agreed beforehand that the person's assistance would be performed at no cost, too many moochers take advantage of this practice by knowingly/grossly underestimating the amount of time/effort/resources that would actually be required to perform the task, and so the prospective provider is deceived into thinking that the requested task is far less arduous/involved than is turns out to be; he would likely never have agreed to provide his services for free if he'd known the true size/scope of the requested task.
Disgruntled teenager: That skinflint connivin' ol' fart Mr. Jones snookered my buddies and me into "just loading a discarded pile of lightweight foam insulation into the dumpster" for him… not only did he neglect to mention that said insulation was GLUED ONTO PANELS OF SHEETROCK which made them about ten times as heavy, but then afterwards he just gave us VERBAL compensation ---"Great job, fellas... appreciate it! Thanks! I'm really grateful for your volunteering to help out an old weak-muscled geezer like me!" --- instead of slipping us each a ten-spot, the way any decent person would do!
by QuacksO December 21, 2016
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