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Person, of which the sex tends to be male, whose life ultimately revolves around a single individual. He/she tends to be a complete douche to any other human being other than the individual, although there have been cases where the he/she has a close circle of friends, but continues to be a douche to them repeatedly. A Velinsky also tend to be cynical, hateful, impolite and full of crap. Velinskies smoke lots of weed and drink regularly, typically as a result of their Irish decent. Velinskies like to single people out, put people on the spot, and practice other selfish acts to make themselves look better, as they are self conscious. Velinskies do not tend to be intelligent, as they make spelling errors regularly and usually aren't very adept at getting good grades.
That Velinsky over yonder, watch closely as he talks behind that kids back, and if you watch for an extended period of time, he will ditch his "friends" to hang out with that other person that he can't seem to ever leave alone!
by Dr.Nagy November 08, 2009
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