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an extremely hurtful insult often followed by other even more insulting insults.
Weebl: Velcro Face
Bob: Elbow Head
Weebl: Spanner Magnet
Bob: Plasic Vicar
Weebl: Ooh, that harsh. Bum eyes.
Bob: Nooo you win.
by purplehairedchick November 16, 2003
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When two men refrain from shaving for 3-5 days (depending on the hairy manliness of each person) and give each other butterfly kisses with their stubble.
Yeah he has a wife, but can she play velcro faces with him?
by PlayOnPlaya May 17, 2018
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all kinds of beards (including a goatee), 5 o'clock shadow, etc. Basically anything other than a clean shaven face.
Your velcro face makes you look like a cave man. A clean shave is so much more professional. Plus, it makes you look younger.
by allwrong4u February 16, 2018
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