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A veegatarian is a moral vegetarian.

This is a vegan who has expanded their view to know that it is ok to consume eggs and dairy that are sourced cruelty free. Likewise, a veegatarian is a vegetarian who refuses to eat eggs and dairy that are produced through factory farming.

Veegatarians are those who meet in the middle ground between vegetarians who eat eggs & dairy with no concern over the sourcing, and vegans who are opposed to any and all animal products under the belief that it is impossible to attain anything from animals without inflicting cruelty.

Veegatarianism is "Vegan 2.0". It retains everything that makes sense in veganism, while embracing all cruelty-free aspects within vegetarianism.
How can you eat that cheese from Max Prophet Farms? I thought you were opposed to cruelty. You might want to give more thought to becoming veegatarian.

Your militant opposition to absolutely all animal products is almost as mindless as carnism. The thinking vegan would be a veegatarian.

Being veegatarian, I see no problem with me having that beautiful snake skin on display. The snake didn't want it. Your hard-line veganism makes no sense to me.
by Dustin Dewynne August 30, 2016
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