A CROATIAN name which means cheerful, sunny.
You could translate it to Italian, then it would be Serena
by Alissa Cahill May 21, 2011
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the sexiest serb alive. one who has so much to offer to the world. always happy no matter in what situation. always quiet and loud at the right time. keeps her opinions to herself. *most of the time ;D* an amazing singer and awesome long beautiful hair. and NEVER ever backstabbs people, shes the best friend anyone could ever ask for. she means so much to me and we will be friends forever. I LOVE YOU VDOGGGG! oh did i mention funny and awesome to hang out with?! :D
omg vedranas so foreign
by h;aghua June 1, 2011
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a small monster baby with blond curly hair
a total cutie
Vedrana is a mini penga from the arctic region of hertzegovina
by Sanja Grcic December 19, 2007
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vedrana is a type of human who will become you'r friend and start manipulating you into giving her what she wants if you are not easy to manipulate or just dont want to be friends with her she will turn all of her "friends" against you and try to bring you down everytime she sees you
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