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When a female sprays blood from her gaping vagina by way of a build up of gas.

Aka. "vagina blood fart."

Other uses include adding "vbl" to the beginning of any word to give it a funny connotation.
"Christine vblarted all over the toilet seat."

Other connotations...

Tyler: "I got vblarried this vbleekend."

Austin: "I got vblitzed last night and have extreme vblanxiety about it."

Brandon: "Last night was vblrazy. I vblonesawed all over the place and D'd so many Ds."

Huge Gene: "I was vblitfaced on the vbleach vbloday and vblate vblrees."

Tripp: "I love vblissing on peoples' sisters and vblull nettle."

Erik: "I like to claim that I vblounded the Vblausage Caucus, even the all I did was vblreate a vbleb site that no one vbluses."

Drew: "I vblove Katie."

Vblooper: "Vbleh, vbleh, vbleh."

Grant: "Vblave, vbleve, vblive, vblove, vbluv."
by Hans C. Johnson May 31, 2011
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