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Vayia its a girl's greek name. Vayia is a kind girl with a big heart. She loves her friends and her people who show her love back. She can be funny if she finds the right person and for sure she will make you laugh a lot.She has a unique sense of humour so only some close ones will get it but once you get it you will laugh a lot with her. She can be silly but mature when needed. But you dont want to see her bad side. If you mess up with her or any of her loved ones better find a place to hide.She might not show it but she is sensitive and she gets easily hurt. She hates being ignored and left out. She cares a lot and always wants to help others. She can get jealous but she wont show it. It would be cool for everyone to have a Vayia in their life.
Vayia makes me laugh by heart.
by Monika Scott January 02, 2018
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