Common Russian name, full name is Vasilyi, but is used by country side thugs meaning "Guy".
Hey Vasya, you got a cigarette or not?
Yo Vasya got a phone i can use?
by lukarec2517 March 26, 2014
Famous Russian hero, rocket scientist, kick boxer, chess champion, jet fighter pilot, smart and hard as dick, scores a woman every day, balls of steel, real manly man. His arsenal of weapons include tsar bomba launcher, double barrel ak-47, antimatter fusion doomsday device, 30 inch ass pounder and deadly bruce lee farts. He will blast you off to tiny subatomic particles.
Bruce Willis: "Yippee ki-ay, motherfucker!"
Samuel Jackson: "Shut up, do NOT anger Vasya Pupkin"
Bruce Willis: "Uh, sorry, my bad."
by russki hui April 2, 2007
Someone who changes their gender EVERY 2 minutes.
hi I’m Vasya I have she/them pronouns.
2 minutes later:
I now have he/them pronouns

2 minutes later:

by Vasya112233 February 14, 2023