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Vassilia or Vasileia is a female name of Greek origin which means royal or kingly, the reign of a king. It also has a religious connotation, as in the kingdom of heaven.

In greek, In greek it's spelled like this: Βασιλεία

Vassilia derives from the main female name Vassiliki. The name is also used in many celtic, orthodox cultures. Girls under the name Vassilia are given the nickname Vassilki or Vasilok which means cornflower.

Today the name is also associated with a fairy tale princess because of its frequent use in Russian fairy tales. The princess Vasilisa the Beautiful or Vasilisa the Wise is a stock character in Russian fairy tales, including The Frog Tsarevna and Vasilisa the Beautiful.

Other Nickname(s) Vasya, Vasilisochka, Vasilochik
Related names Basilia, Basilissa, Basilla, Vasilia, Vasiliki (Greek); Vasilka (Bulgarian); Vasylyna (Ukrainian); Vasilissa
And then she looked at me, Vassilia. I cannot forget her name, her big brown eyes and her sensual yet innocent smile.
by Theonethatisinterestedinthetru January 06, 2017
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The biggest slut around,along with being a lazy ass, she puts little effort into things she does. Vassilia is also known to be very bitchy. She also is a bandwagon. She likes elephants as well as pineapple. She also has a big booty.
Vassilia is a bitch. Never be her friend.
by Tsjsbksnsyeidbhs April 15, 2015
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