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An amazing role model , funny and makes your heart warm every time you look at her, she's a stud and she's fine as hell 😜

She’ll make you laugh like nobody else , she's also known as a brat but when u really get to know her she's amazing and funny as hell , that bratty shell is just a cover, she most likely comes from a either indian or mixed family. She’s brave and courageous and mostly beautiful , her eyes sparkle and when you look at her , your eyes get blessed. She has the cutest laugh , and her style tops all of it off, yet she can be the biggest bitch ever, only to the people she hates though , if she loves you she will be the sweetest bebe ever. She’s also very irresistible , but under all this perfection varshana can be a total badass, varshana has a SHIT TON OF FRIENDS , mainly because of the point that she's so outgoing but an introvert at the same time. She also has the most beautiful eyes ...but don’t underestimate her or betray her because she will make ur life a living hell.
person 1 - hey who's that?shes so pretty

person 2 - yea most likely varshana , shes the one with that pretty ass laugh
by fuckingsavetheturtles0 September 22, 2019
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A little shit that is very annoying sometimes. You make her a chai iced latte but then she just is so annoying because she plays stupid songs and stuff. A Varshana is a person that will always be annoying and crack which makes here a lil shit. Also a Varshana is cringe af because she says stuff is lit when it is not. SOOO CRINGE AND CRACK
Wow, that girl is so crack,annoying and cringe she is a Varshana.
by varshanacringe February 14, 2018
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