a pleasant smelling cream formula used for adults in whom frequently obtain a chapped or rashed anus, taint, and or gooch. This cream formula is rich with minerals to help restore natural skin surfaces and has a vanilla scent to block usual asshole odors. With its thick pasty texture, it has also been used to absorb and sanitize anal leakage.
e.g. Brad pitt: Honey, wheres my vanilla ass cream? Jolie: Oh, is ur butthole leaking again? Brad: No, my taint is chapped from watching that IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT marathon.
by sh@t:on:myself January 19, 2010
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Basically somebody or something that is ordinary, not unique, and boring. Kind of like anything vanilla flavored, which you see everywhere. Somebody or something with no personality to it.
Girl 1: It’s so sad that Miles didn’t go for you who’s intelligent, funny, sweet, and pretty and instead went for his vanilla ass girlfriend.

Girl 2: I know! It’s like the only things embedded into her are “I love you Miles” and “my boyfriend Miles...” She has no personality or brains whatsoever
by Ttlatte99 July 18, 2018
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