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A term created by Kevin Nash and popularized bu him and the Klique to describe workers who were good technical wrestlers but believed to be too small and/or boring to ever succeed on a large stage (Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Lance Storm.)

Signs of a wrestler being a vanilla midget are small stature, good technical wrestling, poor mic skills, and a rabid stubborn internet fandom.
Dean Malenko can put on a 5 star match to an internet fan but he's too much of a vanilla midget to ever main event a PPV.
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a world used by kevin nash to describe the best wrestlers the world has ever seen in chris benoit, eddie guerrero, dean malenko,chris jericho, and others
why did kevin nash ever call them vanilla midgets?what a jackass
by vanilla midget August 04, 2006
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Vanilla = Boring
Midget = Small

Used by the Legendary Kevin Nash to describe the oompa loompas Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Gurerro, ect.

Nash knew they would drive the fans away so heroically buried them for the good of the company.

Sadly the WWE started to push these losers and as a result ratings are in the gutter.
Eddy + Benoit = VANILLA MIDGETS!
by NashMark March 26, 2005
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