Super cool girl. A little bossy! And sassy too! Best eyebrows ever.
That Vancy is Boss and I like her eyebrows too.
by Pammy G January 04, 2018
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staring creepily, like a stalker. without people knowing. through the window, with binoculars. or in an elevator with only one other person.
I was vancying that guy through the window, with binoculars, and heat sensor technology.
by herfriendv November 02, 2009
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the best sister anyone could ask for. she is sporty, kind, sweet, amiable, artsy, creative, funny, and fun to be around. she loves animals and is a vegetarian. she likes the beatles and the black keys.she has a lot of freckles and is very intellegent.
"Your sister is so nice!"
"She must be a Vancie."
by vancie's sister May 29, 2012
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