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Some dumb tumblr bitch who reblogs stupid pictures of porn and things that she thinks are cool but really aren't. She has a lot of followers and nobody really knows why. People also send her nudes all the time because for some reason everyone wants attention from her. She's also kind of hot.
person 1: hey did I just see your nudes on vaginastews blog?
person 2: probably I want her to suck my tits
by godlovesfags August 31, 2011
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The url of a Tumblr user who posted unoriginal jokes and who received nudes from a lot of people. It was later revealed that vaginastew was actually a gigantic black girl named Kiara, who used pictures of a skinny Hispanic girl.
Blogger 1: I think that she's pulling a vaginastew
Blogger 2: Why?
Blogger 1: She only posted five pictures of herself and no videos
by 1612th April 13, 2012
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