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Mongrel is defined as mixed ancestry. Vagina Mongrel is defined as a vagina used up by many different races of cock. They are experts when it comes to crime scene investigations by tasting dried semen off of the floor to identify the origin of the specimen. Vagina Mongrels often find unsuspecting males of the preteen age range. They lure them in with promises of popsicles and candy. Vagina Mongrels originate from French Canadia and have been rejected by all surrounding areas due to the high risk of catching the Vagina Mongrels STDs. They are experts in fauxkaki, a bukaki knock off consisting of the Vagina Mongrel in the middle of several boys jizzing only in the eyes and ears of the Mongrel.
I was involved in some trickeration from that Vagina Mongrel! Now my cock is on fire, Thanks Sara!
by japirish February 02, 2009
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