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(verb) To make the gesture of eating out a girl, using your two fingers pressed against your face and your tongue sticking out between the middle of them. Derived from the words "vagina" and "face" combined into one term. A great place to see this displayed is in a teenager's MySpace pictures, preferably the pictures of a lesbian.
(noun) The gesture itself of eating out a girl.

Vagfacing is also a recreational sport you can play at any time of the day. Here is an example of one way to participate in this game: While driving around and blaring your nigga beatz (not necessary but highly recommended), if you happen to spot a civilian or group of civilians, do the following after choosing your target. First, lean out of your car window with your target in eyesight; perhaps scream or make some noise to get the nearby civilian's attention, and once they turn toward you to look, BAM! You vagface them when they least expect it. The reactions of the players that are involuntarily thrown onto the opposing team of this sport are spectacular.
The MySpace context: "Umm, Sarah Dyke, you are vagfacing in every single one of your pictures."

The sport context: "Hurry, roll down your window, there is a biker coming up and I want to vagface them while we pass!"

The regular activity context: "My mom would not stop yelling at me last night about my report card, so I vagfaced her in the middle of her sentence. That shut her up."

Used as a noun: "That was a lousy vagface. You can barely even see your tongue."
by Sarah Dyke June 20, 2008
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To have facial hair that makes your face look like female genitalia. Poorly manicured goatee.
Phil has a vag face.
Hey vag face trim your vag.
Phil is a vag face all-star.
You have a vag face goat.
by Troy Baker September 25, 2007
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When a girl is menstrating and the utility of her vagina is accordingly diminished, her face takes on the vagina's duties and responsibilities. She becomes VagFace.
So I heard your girl's on her peiod. Hard luck mate.

No dont worry about it, at least I got some Vagface.
by R.S.L.Wit September 22, 2007
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The emotion that uses the number three for a mouth, which apparently is supposed to be cute, but in the end just looks like a vag with eyes.
Send that bitch a vagface. Bitches love vagface.
by Niggette February 08, 2012
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Slang for Dave Petrino. Also used to describe someone haggardly annoying. i.e. Dave Petrino
Oh no, here comes vagface.
by Marky Mojackua February 22, 2004
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