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{vagenial} {vaginial} Born between 1982 and 1994 this generation is the I'm special generation. Vagennials are well educated and extremely intelligent but lack basic life skills. Vagennials need to be praised and their feelings are hurt very easy. Once away from Mommy and Daddy they require safe spaces in order to survive. Vagennials are the product of growing up with a lack of ass whippings, reality television, post music MTV and being exposed to Nickelback as children. Vagennials learned to communicate by text messaging and most are scared of face to face communication and cower easily. Vagennials whine and complain to other generations about lack of respect rather than taking initiative. Vagennials have a hard time making a living as most lack initiative/motivation and are to lazy/entitled to put in more than a 40 hour work week. Vagennials are used to participation trophies and usually leave the workplace as others are promoted as they feel hurt. Vagennials are often burdened with student loan debt from predatory participation degrees schools such as the University of Phoenix.
Justin the new guy we hired last week, he's been late 3 times, asked for a promotion and left upset, time to fire the vagennial.
by DO Texas June 09, 2018
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