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not unlike a hutterite, the vagamite is a vagaterian living a communal zionistic lifestyle along side other women whos diet consists of only vagina.
have you heard about cousin Daralanne, apparently she now lives on a Vagamite colony in Northern BC. Apparently all she does is eat Rug!
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refers to any number of asundry afflictions of the vaginal area involving foreign or unwelcome matter
These vagamites have really got me down.
by Scrotal discontent October 26, 2006
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1.The act of multiple people viciously eating a woman's vagina out at the same time.

2.To have crabs and loose recently shaven hairs around clitorus.
Guy 1:"Man that bitch was fresh last night"
Guy 2:"Yeah i know, do you remember what the hell did she called us?"
Guy 1:"i think she kept calling us, Vagamites"
Guy 2:"That shit was weird tho."

Steve:"Dude that Stripper was nasty, she looked like she had vagamites crawling outta her panties."
by Tman1993 June 09, 2013
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