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An offshoot of the typical bro specimen that displays hipster-like characteristics but seems to contradict the very nature of the hipster. A vagabro has a short wardrobe consisting of wholesale gym/basketball shorts and sports/plain white t-shirts, sometimes even sporting an unauthentic jersey. The vagabro does not adapt to formal, or even party-casual situations maintaining the same attire and attitude all throughout. The vagabro shares most of its uncultured interests with a bro, but would detest to and hide any affiliation with such people often attempting to appear indie or different by referencing niche 50's classics as their favorite films and obscure or forgotten genres as their preferred musical entertainment. In reality they love 50 cent, Owl City, Dubstep, Family Guy, Call of Duty and above all Michael Bay films.
Frat Bro "Sorry dude, I can't let you in wearing gym shorts and a white tee, it's not a good look."
Vagabro "What man? Cause I'm not wearing that A&F shit and a snapback?"
Frat Bro "No. Cause you're wearing gym shorts to a party."
Vagabro "Whatever man, this music sucks anyway maybe you should try playing some Radiohead instead of this 2 Chainz shit. Maybe you'd get some real people to come instead of these fucking drones."
Frat Bro "Dude.. are gym shorts a new hipster trend?"
by charlie chan & the stooges September 20, 2012
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