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VaChan is a smarta*s with luscious hair and a loving wife. He enjoys a peaceful walk in his mom jeans at sunset so long as there is no wind so his flawless hair doesn't get tousled. A VaChan also has a serious love affair with all aspects of cleaning and Costco.
Aavia: Hey, do you know where Vachan is?
Sachin *pauses the song Drunk In Love by Bey* I think he is in the pet store
Aavia: Are you sure about that? You may be mistaken for his loving wife Shroo
Sachin: Oh you're right; he may be in Staples right now. Rumor has it, Vachan has been in there for days. Apparently, he just bought a label-maker and he has been searching for labels to label the label-maker
by Vachimallicorn July 18, 2017
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