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Beautiful girl with brown hair. A Nickname for Veronica. Funny, talented, has many good friends.
Jamie: Hey Hot-Han theres V-Ron lets go hang out.
Hannah: Ya Jam-Jam sweet idea.
Veronica: Hey Jam-Jam hey Hot-Han!
by Bobia January 04, 2008
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a very beautiful girl with many great friends. The life of the party and a good conversation starter. shes not afraid to say stuff to your face. also very loud and funny. she always makes you laugh even in the worst of situations. she may act like she likes you but, trashes you behind your back because most people are to dumb to realize she hates them. she can be mean if she wants to and will be if she doesnt like you. shes intimidating if looked at the wrong way. she is pretty and unique. always happy and hides her real emocions. she acts so tough and outgoing but wants to do so much more. Nickname for veronica
kid: the girls so cool, outgoing and pretty. who is she?
kid2: oh thats vron shes hilarious and loud but is really nice and caring.
by handyman1234 February 24, 2009
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