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This is an unknown slang only used by ghetto drug dealers from the ghettos of Serbian Belgrade city...Very near immposible to understand unless u speak it...and u speak it if u are there and in it...:)as with most street dialects..its very fast and singy in a raper kind of melody to it....i like unique

here is an example of how it works:

urva za kunje utra za vunje

kurva za unje vutra za unje

which means kurva is whore in serbian

vutra is slang derative from travu which means grass or dope..refering to cannabis

here is the tricky part that no one gets...the "za unje"

za means for but "unje" means nothing realy its a made up word to go in place between the main key words of the conversation

the key words here being kurva/whore and travu/dope....

the full meaning of the sentence is lets go for some dope and fuck some whore

and there you have it
named above already

urva za kunje utra za vunje
by Jovz August 31, 2006
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