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Urla is derogatory Latvian slang term, referring to all men and women aged 17 to 30 who are believed to be criminals or possess aggressive habits. The name urla itself has come from the Russian word орлы. In the beginning of 90's crimminals used to call themselves орлы, which lead to the creation of the word "urla". Basically it is just an overheard, madeover version of the word орлы which means eagles.

The term is mainly used by Latvian middle class teenagers, and the meaning is similar to the British slang word Chav.

urlas in their meeting spot.

Typical urla fashion items include sport shoes or vinyl shoes, athletic wear, and leather jackets.citation needed A shaved head is believed to be essential for urlas.citation needed Also very common attributes are old BMW and other ~15-20 years old automobiles whitch usually becomes spots for gathering together. Urla`s musical taste can be described as a passion for anonymous electronic dance music with very monotonous rhythm, but popular MTV stars are quite popular among them too. Most popular alcohol in this community is cheap beer in 1.0l or 2.0l plastic bottles with high 9% ethanol percentage or cheapest beer from 0,5 glass bottle packages.

In the Latvian version of the video game The Crims, instead of local bastards there are vieteejaas urlas (local urlas).

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Ejam sist tos jobanos urlas!

Stulbais urla!

Urlaam naavi!

Tas dzheks ir urla!
by qqqq93 April 18, 2007
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Urla is slang term describe all stupid russians in Latvia.

Typical russian-urla is poor;ugly; uneducated; do not know any word in Latvian.

Urla (russian) believes, that Stalin is saint, but communism is good thing.

Urlas like Adidas and bmw very much. They would die for it!
-Look, what a ugly russian!
-Yes, that urla is shit! We must deport all urlas to poor Russia!
by russiansareshit June 15, 2009
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