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1. A citizen of a major metropolitan area who transplanted to said city from a rural area -such as the midwest- to seek employment and culture of a large city.

2. A person of rural roots visiting or vacationing in the big city.

3. A once redneck Illinois farmer who now drives a Mercedes E class.
Chicago Illinois has an abundance of urban hillbilly folks who tend to be racist and have short fuses.
by Tommy Tickle August 24, 2009
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There usually young men from mid teens to early 20s who are usually loners who don't like to associate with any particular social trend or norm. They usually live in small rural towns where they don't really fit in. They are the type that wears leather jackets in the spring and uses exes gel in his hair and when he grows up hopes to move out of his small town to a big city
"Man that boy over there kinda of a loner in this small town what a urban hillbilly"
by otto36 June 21, 2015
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