Something the USMC stole from the Russians as their battle cry.
Russians charging German MG nest: Urah!!
US Marine being told there's cheeseburgers at the canteen: Urah!!
by TheRandomGuy June 7, 2010
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Something a wanna be marine would say as a form of excitement or as a greeting...What idiots yell out to appear cool.
Andrew yelled out " I paid for Johns engagement ring 3 years ago and he hasn't paid me a penny back URAH!"
by dolly090972 December 4, 2007
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Urah is a person who always tries to hide his/her feelings, Bottling them up instead. Urah will never lie to you, Though he/she will not be straightforward with their feelings.

Ex; "Im fine!"

Urah loves to see their friends happy, And will Surprise them with gifts. Urah loves hugs and snuggling, But is very self conscious. Urahs hate their bodys, And chances are they have anxiety a lot.

Urah is the sweetest person you will ever meet, And is shy at first. He/she will mask feelings with jokes, But be an amazing friend and listen to all your problems. Chances are, Urah has had a hard life and just won't talk about it. Your lucky to have an Urah in your life.
Urah is an amazing friend. I love them
by Amber._.panda November 4, 2019
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