The WORST insult you can ever will receive.
Me: ur mum gay lol
Random fuckface: ur dad lesbian lol
me: *falls over and lands in pile of shit*
Eyyy m8 ur dad lesbian lol
me: Fuk u *Dies*
by DADLEY February 22, 2018
One of the most devastating roasts ever invented, designed to bring terror upon its victims and end their will to live
Karl: Lmao you suck john
John: no u
Karl: ur mom gay lol
John: *cries*
Karl: hah nerd
John: wait a second
John: ur dad lesbian lol
Karl: *Has a stroke and fucking dies*
by LilWaffleTwat September 23, 2018
ur dadd lesbian lol will end ur carreer lol and is a deadly verbal desease (causing suicide)
xX_Nibbagamerz_Xx: ur dad lesbian lol
Me: looks for tall cliff*
by search up @dankwankshank insta February 22, 2018
The comeback for when somebody says ur mom gay lol. This will counter them and end their useless life.
Some gay bloke: “Oi, ur mom gay lol
Me: ur dad lesbian lol”

Some gay bloke: *dies*
by ur clapped March 9, 2018