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The worstest of all of, ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, and ur granny tranny. Very similar in power to ur granny tranny but stronger.
Jack - "ur mom gay"
Treys Mom - *gets diabetes*
Trey- "ur dad lesbian"
Jacks Dad - *dies of brain cancer*
Jack- "ur granny tranny"
Treys Granny- *trips on a cat and they both die*
Trey and Jack's Nans- *Kim Jong Un magically appears and sits on both of them*
by THOTDETECC March 11, 2018
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the most bad swear in the galaxy, no "no u" can combat it.
John: ur mom gay
Paul: ur dad lesbian
John: ur granny tranny
Paul: ur gramp a tramp
John: ur paps a trap
Paul: ur nans trans
John: *Spontaneously combusts into pure matter. The matter forms into the densest black hole in the galaxy, and the entire observable universe turns to more matter. consuming the heavens, even ur mom.*
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by You'reMom* April 06, 2018
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