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The most devastating insult you could say to an individual. Worse than every insult known to mankind. Every time this is said to someone, that person will die.
Joe: Hey bro, ur mom gay.
Ken: ur dad lesbian

Joe: ur granny tranny
Ken: ur grandpap a trap
Joe: *takes a deep breath* ur brother ur lover
Ken: *explodes*
by bojack horse daddy March 18, 2018
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Nothing can stop this one.
You may use this in only the most dangerous moments to defeat the strongest enemies.
Kim : ur mom gay.
Dylan : no u.
Kim : ur grandpap a trap.
*Dylan starts sweating of fear*
Dylan : ur brother ur lover.
*The entire omniverse seizes to exist, all thats left is a spec of dust that starts big bang 2*
by CheffersonTheGreat May 11, 2018
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