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verb- the act of making something worse in an inept attempt to make it better, usually by adding unnecessary, useless, and/or ridiculous elements
Jim's $500 Honda station wagon was uptarded when he added the whale-tail spoiler.
by ChinkJew May 13, 2005
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(тормоз по русски, if anyone reads Russian here):

a person who is neither retarded nor mentally challenged nor eccentric, but in their normal state (i.e without being UTI) is still slow on the uptake.
boy: Melissa, when is your birthday again?

girl: my name is not Melissa, it's Melanie, and are you lol an uptard? I know you are normal because you get amazing grades in chemistry and physics. my birthday, for the last time, is March 15, but you always give me flowers on March 9.

boy: I am not an uptard. Due to family tradition, i can't possibly give a girl flowers on The Ides of March, even if it's her birthday.

Melanie: are you telling me your limo is triple parked?

boy: no.
by sexydimma February 16, 2013
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Being uptarded. Haha. This means that one is a little more retarded than just a normal retard and thus achieving the status of "uptard."
People add words to the urbandictionary without defining them are uptards.
by Douchebag March 26, 2004
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1. To act in a manner of one level higher than a retard. 2. To give less than adequate effort causing a poor result.
Cody proved he was an uptard by tripping over himself catching a baseball.
by ljlongboarder August 18, 2003
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