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The act of giving credit to a circlejerker for his or her contribution to the reddit community.
I upboated that motherfucker because he posted some great shit!
by fapfapfapfapfapfap April 05, 2010
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Derived from the Upvote function used in the online discussion board Reddit, this derogatory term is used to ridicule others for poor posting quality on discussion platforms; or otherwise conducting themselves in an immature fashion and in a manner which may be disruptive towards other users of the website. It is commonly used on the online image-based bulletin board 4chan, as well as other similar websites in which its users may share an aversion towards users of the website Reddit.
Annonymous 1:"Kek stay mad fgt"
Annonymous 2:"Ahahaha ebin my dude! Upboated on leddit xDDD"
by A Newfag August 02, 2017
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