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1) When one attempts to transform a person who is not from a white origin to return their habits and mannerisms to their native origins from the mother land.

2) The opposite of white, similar to unblack. Applies to any person who does not behave in their own stereotypical ethnic profile.
boi: hi Mai Ling did you realise that you are so white?
gurl: hi Ming Yao! no way... like my parents are totally asian .. like
boi: hmmm I'm asian and you dont behave like an asian...
gurl: I totally ammmmmm
boi: then you need to unwhite and FOB the fuck up!!
gurl: hmmm .... aiyah. OK lah! >_<

boi: yeye ... now dat b some wack azz gangsta shiat maaayne
gurl: you so black lah! You UNWHITE and FOB the fuck up!!
boi: aiyah. true lah. me eat more fried rice!! >_<
by dnaboa November 27, 2011
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