Opposite of intent. Used especially in double negatives.
My untent was not to get my brother laid.
by Zothip January 1, 2006
An accident that is repeated again as a pun or an intentional misstep used as comic relief.
Jack - That writer was very elequant.
I mean eloguent.

Jill - Was that untentional or do you really just not know how to spell?

Jack - Actually I was being sarcastic. That writer was crap.

Jill - You liar haha you just spelled it wrong twice didn't you? and now you're trying to play it off as a joke.

Jack - Don't be such a beach.

Jill - . . .

Jack - That was an untentional anti-entandre.

Jill - Anti-entandre?

Jack - When you say exactly what you mean to say without actually saying it. Kind of like a aphor-phemism but with less suboldity.

Jill - I hate you so much right now.
by RandomRazor May 12, 2021