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Def. You can't take the hard drugs, out of the soft drugs.

Synonym. Impossible

Ex. Yo, we're doing MDMA tomorrow - that's the softest of the drugs - Man sorry but we already laced it with acid and cocaine, it's unlaceable. - oh man - that's a great word, we should put it on urban dictionary: unlaceable. - Go to it right now! - ok yo yo. what's the definition? - unlaceable. you can't take the hard drugs,out of the soft drugs. Holy fuck, that's exactly what it is. It's impossible to take the hard drugs, out of the soft drugs. Yo, I'm putting it in. Man, don't put my real name. You can't take that shit off. Yo is my real name still in there? Yo don't do that - you'll find it on Google, and once it's on the internet, it's unlaceable.

face palm.
we wrote our example in the definition - it's unlaceable.
by Bitch Moughs April 08, 2010
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