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The University of Akron is a public university in downtown Akron, Ohio with nearly 30,000 students. Although not the most well-known or prestigious university out there, it does have some highly nationally ranked programs (the Industrial/Organizational Psychology graduate program, the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering, and The College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering). It is also home to the Archives of the History of American Psychology (which contains materials from some of psychology's most famous experiments, like Milgram's shock experiments) and the 2010 Division 1 National Champion soccer team.

Although I'm sure this reads like an advertisement, that's definitely not the intent. I'm just a current student who strongly disagrees that this is "the shittiest excuse for a school ever created". The school's not perfect (parking sucks--although it's improved slightly with the opening of the newest parking deck, they do have some douchetastic professors, etc), but the only other urbandictionary entry for the school as of this writing is pretty much a load of shit.
John Heisman coached football at the University of Akron.
by xkcdfan February 02, 2011
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The shittiest excuse for a school ever created. The only people who attend this school are people who can't get into an actual college. If you go here you are most likely a drug addict or prostitute and will eventually get an STD. The fraternities are widely known for date raping any and every male, female or other (i.e. animal or transgender) that comes within a half mile radius of their house. They are extremely ghetto and at some point you will probably be involved in either a mugging, stabbing, shooting, curb stomp, or all out gang war. Going to this school basically dooms your life into a miserable black hole of poverty, depression and alcoholism.
The University of Akron is the sorriest excuse for higher education known to man.
by Crakron December 08, 2010
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