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Unipoe, spoken as: "''uni-p-ow''".

Unipoe is a recently discovered word which to this date, has yet to have a discovered meaning.

The origin of the word unipoe dates back to 20th of the 5th, 2008. Founded by an Anon who attended RMIT on this date was attempting to solve a word find with other Anons (There was lack of vitamin lecturer at that point in time). However due to lack of knowledge, he discovered the word 'Unipoe'. From that moment on, the word unipoe is being spread across the globe being used by a variety of nations, and religions.
The word unipoe can have different contexts and therefore can be used in different ways. Some such ways are as follows:
-He is doing a unipoe
-She is in a unipoe stance
-You f&*^ unipoe
-Now thats a unipoe
-Can you get my unipoe for me?
by Jaron T May 22, 2008
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