Serves as a cleansing of the palate after a viewer has been subjected to a distasteful internet image or experience.
After that goatse, the only thing that could save me from going blind was a unicorn chaser.
by ksadya May 19, 2007
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One who spends the remainder of their career, or vastly shortens a new one, chasing statistical aberrations under 1 in 10 million in occurrence.
Larry spent that last three months before retirement at the agency as a Unicorn Chaser, he dug through every single student loan debt over $1.5 million, found 87 that were post probate, 15 legally discharged for non compos, disability, otherwise, and 3 who were unavailable because they were locked up in foreign prisons.

The Indiana Zoophile study turned out to be the ultimate Unicorn Chaser exercise. After 5 years they found all of 200 people to interview, 135 of them turned out to be primarily into gay furry kink, 25 had severe delusions and mental illness, and the remainder were otherwise sane, productive, but oddly enough had romantic and sometimes physical relations with animals. The good news was, if they wanted to find a unicorn IRL, these people were perfect, because maybe 1 of them might have been trying to have sex with, or did have sex with one. ;)
by Michigan Escapee January 27, 2020
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(noun) A person that is too perky, nice, cutesy, or obnoxiously positive and lives in a imaginary world of rainbows and unicorns. Antonym: Unicorn Puncher; reality.
The Unicorn Chaser can see the bright positive side to everyone, even Hitler.
by Azerifilly July 29, 2014
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