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Hardcore unicorn gang. To join you must be rammed by the unicores gang's horns. Not many people are able to join, because to be in unicore , you must have the inner unicorn. Most members are born with the special unicore talent. This gangs tuff, they drive around laid back in their cars with their bandanas throwing up unicore signs. They mostly just spread love and happiness to emo children around the world.
"Damn I heard that bitch Kim Raver was in unicore"
"Ohhh shit stay away!"
by Goli May 25, 2007
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Melodic hardcore music inspired by magical gumdrop rainbows and uni-(not multi!)antlers. Characterized by screaming vocals and distorted guitar, this sub-genre is the driving force behind the "Straight-Edge" movement on the hardcore scene.
Dude Slaves of the Rainbow is the pen-ultimate Unicore band. bro
by Marcel the Shell March 09, 2011
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