Someone not looking to influence others. Anti-fame and anti-attention seeking individual.
Does their own thing without any regard for how it might appear to the public.
That unfluencer is wearing a brown paper bag to the prom.
by Lady producer March 11, 2017
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n or v: an aspect of one person -a trait, belief, or opinion that leads others to find him or her unattractive, whether for romantic or friendly relationships.

To influence in a negative way
"the unfluence that lead to Ted being shunned by the crowd was his inability to let others speak without interrupting them."

"The cold sore on her lip unfluenced me from trying to take her home."
by The Afterworld Cafe May 23, 2009
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Like an influencer, but with with an opposite relationship to their audience. I.e. their audience tells them what to do, and they'll do it even if it's a bad idea. If an unfluencer gives a recommendation you'd best avoid that thing like the plague. Also known as an e-clown
Twitch's most creative Unfluencer is maniac e-clown Jeremy "Jerma985" "Elbertson" Harrington
by Timothy Brentwood June 27, 2022
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People who want to be influencers but through a combination of character flaws and narcissistic traits actually put others off.
They're an unfluencer couple of note. She's covered in foul lycra and runs a massive camel toe, he's got three tattoo sleeves and 200 piercings.
by Roger R. Rogerson-Rogers February 9, 2020
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The process of unpronouncing words over a period of time which leads to a loss in fluency of the spoken language as a whole.
This mispronunciation by all these foreigners is unfluencing our spoken language!
by YREP July 30, 2011
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damn no wonder her parents hate you. with all your tattoos and piercings and shit, youre a total unfluence on her
by baja fresh January 6, 2008
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