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being so full that its uncomfortable.
I ate so much for dinner that I'm uncomfortafull.
by Tim T August 29, 2005
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un-cumf-ter-ful Adjective

1. When you're so full it's uncomfortable.
2. Uncomfortably full.
"I can't believe we ate all those pizzas. It was so good but now I'm uncomfortafull."
by J tothe ROC June 30, 2016
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adj.; Being so full, it is uncomfortable.

The state of being after having gorged oneself; common after events or holidays celebrated by consuming large amounts of food.

Also results after consumption of marijuana and large amounts of alcohol, caused by the "munchies" or "drunk munchies".
Oh man! I am SO uncomfortafull, but I just couldn't stop eating that turkey. It was too delicious!

I swear, I'm so uncomfortafull, I think my stomach is going to explode.
by LStu May 17, 2009
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