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similar to unfriending or unfollowing. to undo an association with someone. refusal to associate with a person, place, or thing. often used in the term of diminishing communication and/or contact with a certain person for various reasons. this could also mean that the person doesn't want to be connected or "linked" to any part of someone and/or that persons life anymore.
jessica: I don't know why they still trash talk me, it's been 4 years.

elli: time to unassociate.

Matt: Kathy stopped talking to me completely-but we see each other everyday.

John: ouch...she did some unasssociating.

Matt: what is that ?

John: unassociating is similar to unfriending or unfollowing, except she did it in real life.
by Misshandledlots July 09, 2017
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