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The sexual act of inserting your reproductive organ into the instrument most commonly referred to as the ukelele, and then playing the instrument. After playing the instrument with the reproductive organ inside, you would then be presented the options of either going super saiyan, or become gay. Naturally, the gay option is selected. After that, you would get the power of summoning rainbows at will, so like any smart person, you would summon the rainbow so that the end of it is positioned right in front of you. At the end of the rainbow you just summoned, you would find a tiny midget man that's willing to grant wishes. After you select your wish, the midget man will in fact not grant you your wish, but instead give you a ukelele. With this ukelele, the entire sexual act could be reenacted.
Guy 1 : I think I'm gonna go do the ukelele today.

Guy 2 : Sure, but can I watch?
Guy 1 : Only if you are willing to do it with me.
by TheOGDefinerOfWords August 23, 2016
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